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Ambience Welcome to Ambience, our series of conversations with the personalities behind the Sushitech label. In each edition events manager and journalist Ben Start goes in depth with a different member of the family, you'll also get the chance to hear new and unreleased music from the artist within the recording. All recordings come with love direct from Wood White Studios in Berlin. 

Ambience 05: Sten AKA Lawrence

At our end of the music landscape, it's rare to find anyone not deeply touched by the music of Peter Kersten, aka Lawrence. He has been traversing the electronic music scene for over 20 years, guiding the iconic Dial label and stopping off at stalwarts as varied as Smallville to Giegling, while keeping a close companionship with Japan’s Mule Musiq. The 2022 Earthshine EP under his Sten moniker is his first full length contribution to the Sushitech catalogue and sees his voyaging take on deep techno onboard some added oomph. His club sets are an absolute must and reflect his honest, emotive and quirky personality, which we are lucky enough to share with you in this interview. 


Ambience 04: SIT_ Vlad Caia

Romania club music is constantly evolving. With figures like Vlad Caia in the scene its not hard to see why. With his label Amphia, work as SIT (w/Cristi Cons) and of course his own solo productions, Caia is constantly pushing the boundaries of house and techno, always keeping the dance floor on its toes with challenging selections. This mentality has seen him build a huge and devoted following worldwide. It soon became clear in this conversation just why. Vlad is incredibly passionate about music and his knowledge runs incredibly deep. Subjects range from jazz music to the iconic Sunwaves, a festival where his sets have reached mythical status.


Ambience 03: Delano Smith

Our man in Detroit is one of electronic music’s unsung heroes. With a solid claim to have been one of the true originators present at the birth of DJ culture in Detroit, Delano has persevered to play a big part in today’s cutting edge underground scene. He had dealt with more than most in 2020/21. While European artists could count on some support from Governments many of our musical family in the US had to find other ways to survive. Delano gave us a unique, honest insight into this and more. We never need a chance to share our favourite tracks from Delano, so it was a challenge to limit ourselves to just some of his back catalogue for this recording, we hope we didn’t miss your favourite. 

Ambience 02: Steve O Sullivan 


With his debut album soon to drop, we caught up with one man groove machine Steve O Sullivan to discuss the creative process, collaborations with artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Thomas Melchior and much more. Steve has been performing and touring the world since the late 90s, so why now for his debut album? We had to find out and the UK based producer was happy to tell all. Talk turned from memories of a more DIY London scene to the unique series of collaborations that make up his debut album. All that and of course some of the tracks from an outstanding LP. 

Ambience 01: Kerry Roper 


We were incredibly grateful to Kerry for giving us some of his time. As well as masterminding Sushitech’s distinctive artwork, he heads up design at London’s iconic Saatchi and Saatchi. The Welsh born visual artists is central to the Sushitech project and his cover art connects with the music we release in ways we never expected. This special connection was one of the topics in this deep and wide ranging conversation, which also touched on mental health and of course the effects of the COVID19 Pandemic. Also listen in for some of the more mellow, ambient tracks in the Sushitech catalogue we really love.

Ambience is recorded at Wood White Studios in Berlin by Yossi Amoyal.

Hosted by Sushitech events manager and writer Ben Start. 

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