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"Since Zip and Villalobos made it one of their coveted deep digs to be heard pealing out of a thousand after-hours sessions, the Metamatics remix of A1 People has been a teasingly out of reach dream grab for many a minimal electro head. Now Yossi Amoyal has done the good deed of getting the track remastered and repressed as part of his Fluere series toasting 15 years of Sushitech. As well as that masterclass of elegant machine funk, there's also Kosmogonik's mind-bendingly brilliant 'Circuitry', Silicon Scally's body-popping electro-noir 'Relay' and Matt Chester's melancholic 'November Pathways' to keep your up-all-night marathon sets peppered with spangled surprises." Juno Records - Dec 2020

G1_A1 People - Do It (Metamatics Remix)

G2_Kosmogonik - Circuitry

H1_Silicon Scally - Relay

H2_Matt Chester - November Pathways

H3_CiM - Recursive

Compiled and pre-mastered by Yossi Amoyal @ Wood White Studios, Berlin.

Mastered and Cut by Tim Xavier @ MMM, Berlin.

Art direction by Kerry Roper, London.

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