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A musical upbringing opened Yossi Amoyal’s ears and he was snared by electronic music by age 14. Vinyl addiction struck and soon digging trips to London in the early 00s were shaping his taste for house and techno. At the time Tel Aviv had little record buying culture and the UK capital soon became Yossi’s second home. With a direct line to the source of a burgeoning music culture unrivaled by other DJs in the city, Yossi at age 17 became a regular of one of the biggest clubs in his home city and on premier radio stations in Israel. 


Hungry with the need to be closer to this source, in 2004 Yossi moved to London and founded his own label, Sushitech Records. The early sounds of the label were heavily influenced by the experience of fabric’s era-defining dance floor. Absorbing such a vibrant electronic music culture inspired Yossi to connect with many talented producers around the globe and begin to bring those with a shared vision together under one roof. As well as featuring Yossi’s own productions, early releases included Russ Gabriel and Steve O Sullivan, who remain label staples. 


The personal connection with artists has always been a key part of the label’s ethic, releasing the music that Yossi truly loves and has a desire for, while building a strong, sustainable community of artists, long before those words became part of the standard label lexicon. A move to Berlin in 2007 enabled more connections with the constant flux of artists and musicians drawn to the city’s dark energy. Around 2010 the sounds of Detroit and the works of Delano Smith, Mike Huckaby, and Norm Talley began defining the Sushitech output, adding a clinical edge to their raw sounds. More recently and as the city has become a mecca for clubbing, the label has matured into becoming the home of Berlin’s most integral dance floor minimalists.


Yossi had held various residencies around Berlin, including marathon sets at Club Der Visionaire and Panorama Bar but around this time began to bring the sound of his label to larger events worldwide, with label parties across Europe’s major cities and the continents major clubs. The latest party incarnation, Fleure can today be found at hand-picked venues that allow line-ups that explore the sound and influences of the label and its core of artists. 


During more than 17 years on the road, when not touring Yossi slowly collected rare mixing gear that allows him to close in on the complete sound image he wants to put out. The mixing studio - Wood White Studios is the result. Always a big fan of sound design and the art of mixing, this is a personal project that is both the next step towards his complete aural experience and a way to connect with influence fellow artists searching for a pure sound.


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Sushitech Records

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