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"Sushitech's second chapter of their Tessera compilations has been in the making for over two years. It's not hard to understand why, however. This monstrous 5 disc release is riddled with techno killers of the highest caliber, from start to finish. We knew that these guys were reliable purveyors of fine electronic dance music, but this is a truly impressive showcase, and surely up there with the likes of Ostgut Ton. In fact, this compilation goes even beyond the immediate techno remit. It's difficult to pick out the highlights here; everything is solid, and even the opening dub echoes of "Prelude" is enough to get us salivating. There's a rare appearance on the dubbed-out deep house of "Skank" featuring Rhauder, Steve O'Sullivan makes a sleek appearance, Delano Smith offers two magnetic pieces of Detroit magic, XDB's "Frost" is nothing short of spectacular, and even Efdemin's glitchy, minimalist deep house seems more poignant than usual. This is a big'un - don't miss it." Juno Records - Oct 2016



A2_Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder - Skank

B1_Steve O'Sullivan & Yossi Amoyal - Singularity

C1_Eric Miller - From A Distance

D1_Bluetrain - Read My Lips

D2_Monoaware - Hanami

E1_Delano Smith - Without Reason Part.1

E2_Delano Smith - Without Reason Part.2

F1_Leonel Castillo - Stealer

F2_XDB - Frost

G1_Sanasol - All Sides Will Be Lost

G2_The Wise Caucasian - Agent Orange

H1_Ryan Elliott - P's Keys

H2_Tobias. - Styles 2

I1_Efdemin - Flight

I2_Monoaware - G-Train To Shibuya

J1_Fluxion - Overcast

J2_Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder - Not Saying Much


Collected, arranged and pre-mastered by Yossi Amoyal

@ Wood White Studios, Berlin.

Mastered by Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittselle, Berlin.

Art direction by Kerry Roper, London.

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