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"You have to hand it to Sushitech, the label really back their artists. This next deluxe package throws more loved material by the resurgent Steve O'Sullivan back into the pipeline with another collection of Mosaic classics Yossi Amoyal believes, need to heard, either by a new generation or for the older heads that missed out the first time - or those in need of new grooves after wearing out the old ones. The A-side of the first 12" sees O'Sullivan at his linear, house music best in a track which is not only a bona fide Mosaic classic, but a tune which defines Steve O'Sullivan and the label: "Cheques Not Accepted". The B-side provides one cut of woofing tom drums, tribal-tipped drum loops and cooling synths while the other, "Touch Up", is a filter sweeping slice of French-styled house music. O'Sullivan's dubby house jam "Breezer" with John Beer from 1999 deservedly makes the grade on the second disc as does some thumping beats of O'Sullivan's techno-weighted alias The Wise Caucasian. More essential listening from Sushitech." - Juno July 2017.

A1_Steve O'Sullivan - Cheques Not Accepted

B1_Steve O'Sullivan - Touch Up

C1_Steve O'Sullivan & John Beer - Breezer

D1_Blue Spirit - No Suzuki

D2_The Wise Caucasian - Sac Magique

Mastered by Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittstelle, Berlin.

Art direction by Kerry Roper, London.

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