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After holding down a residency at legendary club Trouw, Guy now considers the Amsterdam club De School and the internationally known Dekmantel Festival his home. Both Makam and

Born and raised in The Hague on the Dutch coast, Guy Blanken grew up with electronic music. With his family and friends being a constant source of new musical input, he decided to take matters into his own hands. A fortunate decision as he struck a creative nerve that revealed his raw talent. It was at this point that the artist Makam emerged, as he mastered the art of music production and found his own unique style. In 2012 he introduced his live alias Talismann representing the harder and darker side of techno.
Talismann have also shared their infectious vision of electronic music in some of the most respected clubs and festivals in the world like Berghain / Panorama bar, BLK|Market Membership (NYC), Womb (Tokyo), Lowlands, and in various venues across South America.

After releasing several records, like the club banger ‘What Ya Doing’ on Dekmantel Records, his first album ‘How Long Is Now’ on the Berlin-based label Sushitech, and ‘Girls Night’ on the Berlin-based label Ostgut Ton, Makam continues to work on interesting projects. In September 2016 Dekmantel Records issued the greatly received album ‘Than Sadet’, which brought a mix of experimental, downtempo, and house music
.Guy is also currently running two labels of his own: Amulett and Talismann. Amulett was founded in 2014 and Guy started his ‘Talismann’ label in 2012 where he released four EP’s under his Talismann alias including tracks as ‘Mars Wars’ (2013) and ‘Great Britain’ (2014).

By making decisions from the heart, Guy Blanken is constantly challenging himself in his creative process which has lead him to become the outstanding producer and DJ he is today.




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