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"Since delivering a surprise debut album back in 2016, Eric Miller has been one of Sushitech's most reliable artists. Predictably he's in fine form again on Fragments, a three-part trip into early morning Teutonic techno territory. "Fragments 1", a nine-minute roller whose melodic elements attractively rise and fall throughout, is arguably the peak-time selection, if only for the sturdiness of the beats and the quietly picturesque nature of the bobbing synth loops. "Fragments 2" includes some quietly pulsating acid lines and a rhythm track closer to Romanian tech-house than deep techno, while "Fragments 3" is an ultra-deep chunk of early morning hypnotism." Juno Records - July 2017

A1_Untitled 1

B1_Untitled 2

B2_Untitled 3

Mixed & Pre-mastered by Yossi Amoyal @ Wood White Studios, Berlin. Mastered and Cut by Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittselle, Berlin. Art direction by Kerry Roper, London.

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