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Benjamin Brunn:  The Hamburg-based producer Benjamin Brunn has been working with electronic music since 1996. His sound signature can be described as „soothing, yielding, close to the physics of how fluid moves“, „with luminescent tones that can be therapeutically easy to listen to“ (Resident Advisor)

Brunns first records were released in 1999. In 2003 he started performing his music live. He has played shows in Brussels, London, Paris, Dublin, Moscow, Kyiv, Tokyo. 

Between 2005 and 2015 he concentrated on house music styles, which resulted in various record releases on labels like Smallville, Third Ear, Woodwork, Arma, Wake Up!, Black Wall. 
In 2013 he published a multi-style album called Colour Tracks with four colour-coded vinyl records in a box matching various techno-related electronic music styles. 

His ambient-related music has been released on Pudel Produkte and Kimochi. 

He started self-releasing his ambient-ish music under the name Chrome Plated Diamonds in 2017. He chose cassette tapes as a physical medium.

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